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Radioactivity measurement method for environmental monitoring gross alpha/beta activities in drinking water in Turkey

Gülten Kahraman, Nazife ASLAN, Mihriban Şahin, Simay Yüksek


The determination of gross alpha/beta activity concentrations of drinking water is the first step of the environmental monitoring studies and can provide a rapid evaluation of the radioactive content of a sample. In this study, a procedure using liquid scintillation spectrometry (LSS) for the simultaneously monitoring of gross alpha/beta activity concentration in drinking water was determined, verificated with proficiency test sample and applied to the real drinking water samples in Turkey. The results indicate that the method provides good accuracy and precision. LSS can be employed as a screening technique in high activity concentrations.


gross alpha/beta activities; drinking water; liquid scintillation spectrometry; radioactivity measurement; environmental monitoring

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