Journal History

Acta Chimica Slovenica, the journal of the Slovenian Chemical Society is celebrating this year its 60st anniversary. It started as Kemijski zbornik (Collection of chemical papers) in 1951 with Igor Belič (editor), and Rajko Kavčič, Dušan Štucin and Vinko Kramaršič (members of editorial board). In 1954 Ladislav Guzelj, Anton Peterlin, Ciril Rekar and Maks Samec (editors) and Igor Belič, Rajko Kavčič, A. Nučič, Črtomir Nučič and Marcel Žorga (members of editorial board) decided to publish the Vestnik Slovenskega kemijskega društva (Bulletin of the Slovenian Chemical Society). The journal was published for a quarter of a century sporadically, sometimes with big delay.

In 1978 (vol. 25) a new editorial board (Drago Kolar editor, Marko Razinger technical editor and Branko Stanovnik chairman of editorial board) decided to improve the journal in many aspects: to publish 4 issues per year regularly, to publish review articles, plenary lectures delivered at the congresses and symposia organized by the Slovenian Chemical Society, special issues to celebrate the anniversaries of prominent chemists, to give the information about the research activities in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Until the end of 1992 the Vestnik Slovenskega kemijskega društva was a constituent of the Documenta Chemica Yugoslavica together with Croatica Chemica Acta and Glasnik Srpskog kemijskog društva. After Slovenia became independent state, the Slovenian chemical society changed, by suggestion of the editorial board, the name of the journal into Acta Chimica Slovenica (ACSi) starting with vol. 40 (1993). Over the years, the ACSi has gain popularity within the international chemical community. In the meantime, Ljubo Goloč was editor for a short period. Since 1998 (Andrej Petrič Editor) it has been published in both printed and electronic version. A substantal improvement was achieved when Janez Košmrlj was appointed as the editor. In 2004 a team of associate editors was selected including some members from abroad, well established chemists have joined the editorial board and their assistance has enormously contributed to the quality and success of the journal. Starting in 2005 (Vol. 52) the journal appeared in a completely new design.

In 2006 (Vol. 53) Aleksander Pavko became editor-in-chief. He decided to invite the guest-editors to take care about special issues for selected scientific fields, reviews published »in memory« or dedicated to well established chemists at various anniversaries. Over the years, ACSi has gained respect within international scientific community. It is abstracted by Chemical Abstracts Plus, Current Contents (Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences), PubMed, Science Citation Index Expanded and Scopus. In 2002 the ACSi for the first time obtained IF = 0.12, while in 2011 the IF increased to 1.29, which means a great recognition in international chemical community.

I would like to congratulate and at the same time to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to authors for their contributions, to reviewers, members of the editorial boards, guest editors, associate editors and editors and to all those who have in any way contributed to the success of our jounal, with best wishes for the future. Acta Chimica Slovenica demonstates the enthusiasm, creativity and vitality of Slovenian scientific community and represents a permanent genuine contribution to Slovenian culture. Vivat, crescat, floreat Acta Chimica Slovenica!

Branko Stanovnik
Chairman of the Advisory Board of ACSi